As we at Shanklin Studios do not offer an engineer, so you have full control over your session, this does not mean you can't bring someone with you to do the engineering for you, as you can, if you have any problems we are there to help if needed.

So why do we do this, simply it makes what you need easier and cost effective, which is what we all need in these difficult times.

The studio can be hired for day or evening sessions. See prices and times below. These prices are now fixed until December 31st 2021. You can also save your session to take home with you, which means you can record in our studio, take your tracks home and mix if you wish, then come back and master (new session required), again cutting down your costs. In fact you can do what ever is needed between our studio and wherever you want to go, we are flexible. If you need anymore information. Please get in touch for a booking or to have a visit.

Monday to Friday.

Per day session £25 or £5 PH

From 10am to 5pm

Per evening session £15 or £5 PH

From 6pm to 10pm


Saturday and Sunday

By Request